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Leopold Talent Consulting

is positioned to provide a wealth of knowledge 


Leopold Talent Consulting LLC is a people focused business helping individuals discover and maximize their talents. It is managed by the founder, Michael Leopold, a Yale and Columbia educated people consultant with a passion for helping individuals and organizations attain their talent goals.


The company provides professional services in career coaching, speaking engagements, and HR consulting. Unlike most of our competitors, Leopold Talent Consulting takes a more holistic view of talent, combining data-driven research and professional career assessments with the human side, helping clients understand what drives them and how their unique strengths can position them for professional success.


We are uniquely aligned to help individuals unsure of their career paths develop meaningful careers harnessing their interests and skills. Choosing a career and managing professional goals can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s where Leopold Talent Consulting comes in.

Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) through the National Career Development Association, the oldest and preeminent career development association providing career education, research, congressional lobbying, and advocacy

Skilled practitioner in professional psychometric assessments to help you understand your interests, motivators, values, and leadership aptitude

Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches

Expertise in decision making science and career selection. Our founder studied Cognitive Science and Behavioral Economics at Yale. We help you cut through the ambiguity of career selection to make smarter decisions.

HR consulting experience at Mercer, a global leader in human capital management

Access to a rich network of experts to support your goals, including SAT/ACT tutors, recruiters, headhunters, and mentors

Corporate HR experience including with Applicant Tracking Systems at a leading hedge fund and a blue chip / Fortune 500 company

Dynamic public speaker with 10+ years of experience speaking for a national nonprofit



Why partner with Leopold Talent Consulting?

Our founder has the following certifications & professional affilliations:

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