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Salary Negotiation

Want to earn more money in your next job? Not sure how to negotiate without sounding pushy or annoying the recruiting team? We can help!


A 2022 study by Fidelity Investments found that 85% of Americans who negotiated a job offer received at least some of what they asked. Yet only 58% of Americans negotiated the offer for their current role. The rest accepted the original offer they were given. Common reasons for not negotiating include feeling uncomfortable, not wanting to be viewed as “pushy,” fear of rejection, and not knowing how to handle the process. 


Salary negotiation can yield tremendous gains for those who do it. In addition to negotiating salary, job candidates can also increase non-salary rewards, such as time off, flexible work arrangements, signing bonuses, stock options, relocation allowances, and year-end bonuses. Moreover, the benefits compound over time. A study by found that not negotiating results in missing out on $500k over the course of one’s career - that’s $16,000 per year for a typical professional!


How we can help


Leopold Talent Consulting has helped job seekers successfully negotiate their offers, securing base salary increases as high as 35%+. We began offering negotiation assistance to our career consulting clients. After seeing the wins our clients had, we are excited to now offer salary negotiation assistance as a stand-alone service. The best part? We offer this service on a commission basis - we make money only if we can successfully increase your offer.  


How it works

When you receive an initial job offer or you expect to receive one shortly, we will work with you through the negotiation process. You send us your resume and the job description, and meet with us to outline our plan. We will have an honest, deep dive discussion into your background, your work experience, and your fitness for the role. We will give you a script for negotiating your offer with the hiring team. This consists of a list of reasons why you are advocating for a higher offer, along with market research on comparable roles to support your justification. We’ll work closely with you, walking you through the entire process. We’ll identity the appropriate contact person for your negotiation (typically the recruiter), the best format (e.g., email, phone), and ensure you are prepared for the questions they may ask. 


If we are able to increase your base salary, you will pay us a percentage of the increase, typically 30%. For example, if we increase your offer from $100k to $110k, we would charge $3k. We offer a pay over time plan in case you do not have this cash up front. If we are unable to increase the offer, you won’t be charged. At the very least, you will learn our approach to salary negotiation which can benefit you when negotiating future offers. Our founder has developed and fine-tuned the process through his work as a Human Resources consultant and his experience helping past clients successfully negotiate their offers. 


To learn more, schedule a FREE strategy session with our founder.

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