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I worked with Leopold Talent for my job search. Michael connected me to recruiters and coached me through the process. I got offered a fully remote job with a base salary of $95k. Michael helped me negotiate the salary up to $110k! I could not be more satisfied!

- Kristen

I have a tendency to undersell myself. I wasn’t getting any bites on my applications before Michael helped me rewrite and reformat my resume. He never made me feel rushed. He took his time to meet with me and really dig into my work history, pulling out impactful experience and helping me highlight that. Because of that, I’m now landing interviews for roles a level above what I was aiming for before. He also made my resume ATS-friendly.

- Elizabeth

Michael is very dedicated, honest, and helpful. He is willing to help until positive outcome has been reached. He communicates clearly and he is very efficient. I referred him to my other friends as well. I would highly recommend his services.

- Levan

I retired after 30 years at my job, and I was excited to start something new. My company provided me with outplacement services, including a professional resume writer. Despite the time he spent talking to me, the resulting resume was generic. I then met with the owner of Leopold Talent Consulting and I took a STRONG assessment. Michael spent a considerable amount of time asking me insightful questions to get at the details of my work experience. The resume he created truly highlights my interests and strengths, and is uniquely me - no small feat considering my 30 years of experience. He also updated my LinkedIn page. I accepted an offer within three weeks!

- John

Amazing career coach. Was very helpful and provided superb advice and direction regarding career transitioning. 10/10 would recommend

- Ty

Michael provided phenomenal support during the revamp of my resume. He is very knowledgeable in resume writing. HIs expertise made the process smooth and stress free. I recommend Michael as a partner in career development assistance/advice.  

- Shrivats

Wow! I asked Michael to help me negotiate a job offer and he got it boosted from 150 to 163k and also increased my equity. This was substantially more than I paid for his services so I made a nice profit working with him. Michael was prompt, thorough, and it really showed how much he cared. Im not easily impressed, and I 100% recommend Michael

- Patrick

I had an untraditional path after high school and I wanted to return to college and get a full time job. Michael was instrumental with both. He gave me a career assessment and helped me find a remote job in my field while we applied to colleges. I got 3 job interview requests within 48 hours after Michael enhanced my resume. I now have a full time job I love and I’m taking online classes for my degree


- Laura

I am $11,000 richer because of this company. Honestly at first I thought the salary negotiation service sounded too good to be true. But I went ahead because Michael guaranteed there would be no charge unless we got results. He got on the phone with me the same day I got a verbal offer and told me exactly what to tell HR. They met us in the middle which was much more than I planned! THANK YOU

- Justin

Michael took so much stress off my shoulders when it came to writing my resume and searching for jobs. His experience definitely showed when re-working my resume. It went through the application systems perfectly and more recruiters reached out than ever before! Once I had interviews set up he was readily available to meet whenever I needed with great advice. I wasn't feeling confident in myself and he helped me recognize my value in order to communicate that to the interviewers! Now I have a new position all thanks to him.

- Olivia

Helped so much with resume reviews that led to me getting an amazing new job!

- Kaylyn

It’s hard finding time to search for a new job when you’ve got a full time job already. I hired Michael for job search and interview  prep. He more than delivered on both. Every week he sent me great job listings which saved me MONTHS of time. He also put in notes for when I applied like the recruiter’s link and a message to send them. Work with Michael. He actually makes this stuff fun

- Shaundra

Michael provided wonderful help and expertise with my resume. And an underrated value that he also provided is a person to talk to in the stressful “between jobs” period. If you’re looking for a job and need help, Michael is the person for you.

- Daniel

Michael designed, executed, and delivered a 3 day intensive leadership workshop for my ensemble of 8 STEM women – an intimidating task for many facilitators. His warm charisma and depth of subject matter knowledge had everyone immediately engaged. Deftly moving through assessments, activities, personality & organizational research, he cited his sources and provided study background as if working with scientists was his average day. Finally – and most importantly - Michael created an environment where very sensitive emotions and experiences were discussed openly and safely. Afterwards, the team spoke about Michael and the experience for months, describing him as “Wise, Articulate, Thoughtful, and Fun.”

- Michelle

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